Case Histories:
Spinal-Cord Injury

ML is a middle-aged man who became paraplegic following surgical misadventure. He has a degree of learning difficulty and had not previously used a computer, but would now like to do so to occupy some of his time. His mobility difficulties mean that he cannot control much of his home environment.

I recommended a computer with speech recognition software to avoid him having to learn to type, and also appropriate training in the use of computers. My recommendations also included environmental control functions for his home environment.

is a middle-aged lady became paraplegic following surgical misadventure. She was unable to continue her previous job in catering and was considering changing to a desk job but has relatively a slow typing speed. She was also studying for an Open University degree to expand her future employment opportunities. She was able to cope with the majority of her home environment but had difficulty with some windows and curtains.

My recommendations were for speech recognition software to provide her with a much faster means of text entry than her current typing speed, and also some environmental control peripherals to operate the windows and curtains which she could not reach.